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Industry Solution

Industries where we excel

Consumer Goods

Retailers are pushing for more value-added services (VAS). Exceptional customer service has become a requirement for success. And, skilled workers are increasingly hard to find. All of these factors challenge the consumer goods industry. To remain competitive, your business must adapt quickly to industry demands. Vega's innovative solutions help you to transform quickly to the changing environment .

Engineering / Electronics

High-tech engineering and electronics' manufacturers, distributors and suppliers compete in an environment that's fast-paced and in constant flux. Vega's effective execution of operations and real-time information provides increased profitability and reduced inventory levels.

Industrial Goods

The industrial/wholesale industry is ever-changing and driven by consumer demand. Increased speed, reduced costs, more accurate fulfillment and value-added services are everyday requirements. To keep pace with shortened lead times and growing competition, Vega provides you with real-time control and visibility into what's coming, and when to expect it.

Healthcare / Fitness

The increasing number of patient safety regulations and the illegal practice of drug counterfeiting make it critical for companies in the life sciences industry to improve supply chain security. Combined with heavy restructuring and consolidation that has increased competition, the integration and management of accurate, real-time data is more challenging than ever. Vega empowers healthcare companies with cutting-edge logistics solutions to meet global and national strategic challenges.

Computer & IT Peripherals

The industry in characterized by a rapidly changing environment with new models appearing in a very short span of time. Focus should be on increasing the productivity and performance of computer hardware supply chain. Vega's solutions for forward & reverse logistics can be used to gain competitive edge in the market.


Expanding distribution channels, increasing globalization and growing customer service expectations are some of the factors that make the retail and direct-to-consumer industries exceptionally challenging business environments. With Vega's multi-modal reach, companies can remain closer to the end-user, provide on-time information and cut costs.

Fashion & Garments

In the booming fashion business, we make sure that new fashion is not only displayed, but can be bought and worn the world over. We, at Vega, ensure that your products reach the outlets on time and in impeccable condition.


The automotive industry has always been the most demanding of all in terms of achieving the highest quality standards in their logistics processes. Vega's efforts have been driven by the need to reduce costs and the desire to respond quickly to customer demand.